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How Much Discount Can You Get By Using FastComet Hosting Code?


Web hosting companies are in a grand competition these days. This because of the rapid increase in the number of hosting providers. Which brings us better quality web hosting and a lot of features with it. But the competition doesn't end here. These companies are doing everything to attract more customers. As a result, they provide low-cost hosting services. But the quest to become the best hosting provider makes them do even more. They provide a lot of discounts. And this is the endpoint of decision for a lot of customers. They choose the company that provides the best discounts. One such web hosting provider is FastComet Hosting. They offer affordable services and on top of that, they provide discounts that can save up 75% to anyone.

FastComet Hosting Discount Offers - Up to 75% Off!

FastComet Hosting offers multiple discounts time by time. They provide these discounts usually on global events. For example, New Year Sale or the ongoing Spring Sale. These discounts vary from 20% all the way up to 90%. The discount depends upon the time. For instance, they are offering a 65% discount currently on their Spring Sale or you can grab 75% off any shared hosting, wordpress hosting or any other hosting plan other than Cloud VPS & Dedicated CPU Servers by referring to this's coupon page. Contrarily, their hosting services were 75% off on Christmas Sale. The discounts also vary on the hosting plans. To illustrate, they are offering a 65% discount on their shared hosting while the discount on cloud VPS hosting and dedicated servers is 20%. Now, these discounts are usually provided in the form of coupon codes. A coupon code is a simple code used during payment that reduces the original price of something. The discounts that FastComet Hosting is offering through coupon codes are given below.

65% Off FastComet Shared Hosting Coupon Code

FastComet Hosting has a massive discount going on. They are offering a whopping 65% discount on all of their shared hosting plans. They call it the Early Spring Sale. FastComet has provided a coupon code that can be applied to any of FastComet Hosting's shared hosting plans. You can use the following coupon code to get this discount.

Coupon Code: SPRING65

20% FastComet Hosting Coupon Code

This one is for two different plans; the Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated server plans. You can use the same coupon code to get a 20% discount on any of the deals that these plans have. Each of these plans has four deals. This coupon code is valid for all of them. The coupon code is given below.

Coupon Code: BLOOM20

Note: Now that you've got the coupon codes. Let's give you a quick insight into FastComet Hosting so you don't make the wrong choice.

FastComet Hosting Performance

FastComet Hosting has arguably one of the best performance in the whole web hosting industry. They have successfully made it to the list of the top performers in the world. The stats of FastComet Hosting's performance are given below:


The uptime of a website hosting in FastComet's platform is remarkable in comparison to other websites. FastComet Hosting delivers a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

Loading Time

FastComet Hosting also has one of the fastest loading speed. Their average webpage loading takes just above 1 second. Many people consider this better than most of their competitive hosting providers.

FastComet Hosting Pricing and Plans

FastComet Hosting offers the most flexible pricing plans ever. Their pricing plans are cheaper than 90% of the other hosting providers. Only a few companies have been able to achieve this milestone. FastComet Hosting offers four types of plans most importantly. These include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated server plans. FastComet's shared hosting and WordPress hosting has the same pricing and other stuff. So, we won't be writing them down here separately. We are going to describe each plan in brief below.

FastComet Shared Hosting

FastComet Hosting offers three deals under this title. These all plans are SSD-only. A free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress installer, and a free CDN come with all of the shared hosting plans as well as WordPress hosting. The pricing for these plans is cheaper than reasonable. The lowest plan starts at a mere $3.95 per month. And the most expensive plan will cost you $6.98 a month. These prices are the same for WordPress hosting.

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting

The VPS plan is for intermediate-sized business or blogging website owners. This plan has four sub-deals. You can get a VPS for as low as $47.95 and as high as $111.95 a month. The specifications get double as you advance a plan. They provide 2 GB of RAM and a single core of 2.50 GHz CPU with the most basic plan.

FastComet Dedicated Servers

These are for high-end users. Apparently, these are also the most expensive ones. The cheapest dedicated server will cost you $111.19 per month. While the most expensive one can cost up to $279 a month. They have the same four plans for their dedicated servers.

FastComet Hosting Features

FastComet Hosting provides several extraordinary features with its services. Some of these are basic but others are just another level. The main features of FastComet Hosting are below:

SSD-Only Storage

All of FastComet's hosting plans use SSD storage which, according to FastComet, is 300% faster than HDD storage.

Free Site Migration

FastComet Hosting allows free website migration. They even help you with the migration process.

Free SSL

They also offer a free SSL certificate with their hosting services.

Optimised WordPress Hosting

FastComet offers optimised WordPress hosting for the same price as normal shared hosting.

One-Click Installer

They offer the Softaculous installer with their hosting. This can install apps like WordPress with a single click.

Daily Backups

FastComet Hosting provides daily backup service for free. This data can be recovered easily.

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

FastComet hosting offers a longer-than-usual guarantee of returning your money. The length of this guarantee is 45 days.

24/7 Support

Their customer support has won awards on a global level. This is available 24/7 to anyone and anywhere.

Bottom Line

FastComet Hosting offers a lot of impressive discounts via coupon codes. Unlike other hosting providers, they actually reduce the original price by a good factor. Many hosting providers usually manipulate their customers by providing discounts while there is no discount in actuality. FastComet Hosting is also doing better in performance and features. They have better quality services than many others just like you can confirm via this review of them. You should go for FastComet Hosting if you want to save 65% on web hosting.


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